This was posted on my personal FB page on Jan 28th, 2018. All the screenshots of the comment thread between Jan 28 and Feb 8 can be viewed in the attached document. The post was deleted on Feb 8th, 2018.

“Adult men with power are the ones we need to be holding accountable for being leaders on these issues, because when somebody speaks up in a peer culture and challenges and interrupts, he or she is being a leader, really. But on a big scale, we need more adult men with power to start prioritizing these issues, and we haven’t seen that yet, have we?” – From TedTalk (see below)

I am turning a corner.

I no longer feel the “organized atheist” movement is where i belong due to my strong gut feeling about some horrible things I’ve been hearing about.

I’m a very small pepple in the sea of voices but I am one voice, with one small podcast, trying to help provide a platform for women who have left religion to share their stories.

I have become more and more disillusioned to the male-dominated world of atheism that myself and these other women find when we leave religion.

Now, you can call me an SJW, outrage brigade, whatever you want.

I used to look up to each of you (see list below) as leaders at one point in the past 3 years as I moved from agnosticism to atheism. ( I have not listed every male atheist leader, only the men who influenced me personally in my deconversion and who i have some type of connection to).

I used to buy and recommend your books, go to hear you speak at conferences, watch your videos, listen to your podcasts. You all influenced me.

I used to promote you.

However, i see a trend. You all cross-promote each other or keep silent about each other if one of your actions is brought to light.

If i am mistaken and any of you have PUBLICLY chosen to not promote one of those listed ( felt awful that your name was associated with one of those listed), please share the link. Do not privately share your response with me. Since i have publicly promoted you before, added to your fan bases, i need you to publicly tell me whose side your on.
The POC?
The children and young teen girls who were molested?
The women who were assulted, harassed and even raped?
The women who were targeted by a sexual preditor?
The women harassed at conferences?
The women who are belittled and shamed for speaking up?
The trans-women who are repeatedly shut out of the conversation?
The women who call out other abusers only to be black-listed?

I want to prioritize these issues of marginalized people and other vicitms and only promote male leaders who also prioritize these issues.

I want to only promote male leaders who call out other men publicly when they have done wrong. This is what being a true ally means to me…Sticking your neck out, risking your “nice guy” reputation, even if it means losing some of your fans…Men who challenge other men to change the statis quo of shutting up the women and victims or silencing them with threats and lawsuits.

I am drawing a line in the sand today.

I’ve tried to make excuses for many of you in the past but I’m done now.

This is not a movement I want to be a part of any longer if all of you are the leaders.

I request that you please watch the TedTalk video to give some context.

Seth Andrews
Ryan Bell
Michael Shermer
Neil Carter
Richard Carrier
Richard Dawkins
Dan Barker
Thomas Smith
Darrel Ray
David Smalley
Lawrence Krauss

UPDATE – Jan 29-  Episode 28 – Leaving the Atheist Movement

UPDATE – Feb 8 – so far only Ryan Bell, from this list, has come forward calling out Krauss and Shermer.

UPDATE – Feb 8 – there was a 4+ hour warning given that the post was going to be deleted and everyone was encouraged to take screenshots of the comments if they wanted to.

Here are the screenshots taken just before deleting the post:

Leaving the Atheist movement- FB Comment thread Jan 28-Feb 8-2018

UPDATE – Wendy’s 30min. audio – More thoughts on leaving the Atheist Movement